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Saturday, April 8, 2017

Dear blog,

I feel so down, so lost, so dumb. Its very much different than what I anticipated. Too many mistakes, too much disappointment, and too much loneliness. Is this the process of growing up? If it is, then it sucks. I don't really want to rant about it to people as that would make me a weak soul, which I believe I am much stronger than this. But now I am not too sure anymore. Proactive is what I need, but I think too much, worry too much, stress too much, everything is collapsing upon me. I cant eat full square meals, can't get a peaceful sleep without thinking what I am suppose to do tomorrow, without worrying about just everything. I understand that I am putting too much pressure on myself, but I can't help me. I want to be someone that people can rely on, or as aunty Florence said, the day that I leave would be because I dont want them and not they dont want me. This is gonna make me have a major break down, I need a fresh start, but my mind wont really let me. Im just drained out from everything. I cant be someone that just follow orders, but someone that knows to take the lead and do the task without being told so. Being 3 weeks old in this company, I don't know whether I have that capability yet. Going to office every single day is nightmare, and by evening, its heaven and the cycle repeats everyday. I have a long more way to go and this is not going to work if I maintain this kind of mindset........



Saturday, February 4, 2017

Its been so long since my last post. 2015 KK trip, which was after my sem 3. Now its 2017, where I have completed  my degree. I went through a lot to complete my degree and here I am officially unemployed. But I have to say although completing all the assignments and thesis was a pain in the ass, however at the same time it was also enjoyable. Friends seriously make the pain go away. Having them with me through out these 3.5 years is something I really appreciate. Laughing and Laughing all day long, despite the upcoming exams, assignments, thesis and worst of all Viva. Anyway, just wanted to make a post here to officiate the completion of my degree. Since I have another blog for academic purposes, thus I wont mention anything bout my assignments here.

Kota Kinabalu 8D7N Part 8


Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Lin woke up the moment we came in the room and couldn't sleep later on..hahaha. I sat on the bed while watching my kdrama until I felt that my stomach hurts and ran to the toilet downstairs. At 4.30am I decided to clean up the kitchen from our leftover food from day 1 till now...some food had to thrown away. Till 5am I went up to check whether the Johorians were up as their flight was at 10am, means 8am check in...and picking up their frozen goods. Chow Tong was the 1st to get up and by 6am I asked them to wake Ping up. At first Ping, Lin and Tong were the ones who wanted to go and pick up the frozen goods...but three girls driving early in the morning to some far away place, hence I insist on following them. Luckily when they asked khew for his receipt he woke up and said he would follow I managed to catch a short nap at home. I was seriously sleepy and dizzy...couldn't stand straight..well I drank 6 cups of red wine, 1 cup of white wine and 4 cups of beer. I slept at the dining hall on the sofa.When I woke up, most of them were up and the Johorians were preparing on leaving to the airport. Lin followed Ping as after sending them off ping was going back to her house where we were gonna meet up later. My stomach felt really uncomfortable then, I felt like I would throw out or burp but nothing was coming out...Jing just woke up then. Before leaving I managed to go to toilet and felt a little better then. We left to Ping's house at 9.30am. Apparently Wayne told Jing what happened yesterday night and gave her a mini lecture. She told me not to tell Ping..but it wasn't that bad actually. Was I tired? A little but I would think of it was a work out...haha. Truthfully, I was glad that Ping left earlier as my hands were full. It was the first time watching Jing cry and it was then I realize she isn't a 女强人 as we would always call yeah, the problem that they would always have is bf problem. We ate something soupy for breakfast....I would call it 醒酒汤 since it was a little sour and refreshing. We checked in at 11am and our flight was at 1.05pm. Took a few photos and Even's dad came to fetch her back to, jing and lin hugged ping goodbye and board in. The return plane was older compared to one we came with as it didn't have a screen to watch movies~~but I was sleepy anyway, the only moment I was up was during lunch time...slept like a log throughout the whole journey...3pm...destination arrived.

That's was the end of our 8 days 7 nights Kota Kinabalu trip. Chester and Ping asked me what is my 感想 for this trip...I couldn't really answer them then, now.......
A lot of things happened in this trip, at first I thought it was going to be a disaster as it was 16 persons with different personalities coming together, planning together, staying together. There are bound to be some disagreement at some point, there must be someone that leads, some that suggests and some that just give in.  The people that sacrifice the most throughout this trip in my opinion is Chester and Ping. Chester is the mastermind as he does most of the decision making choices and the negotiating. Ping also contributed a lot throughout this trip which made her stress as she would have to think of places to go, make reservations and make sure we are on time. She also had to make sure that the place she suggest are worthy enough for us to go, especially eating places and the beaches. Another person that although didn't join us throughout the 8 days but helped us a lot is Quinnie. She was our translator with the driver and PIC when we ever sit on the van to go outside of KK. I was a little worried as she and Even were not on good terms this year, so putting them both on this trip made me worried. It was ok for Even since she knows how to speak chinese and was close with all of us. But Quinnie could only understand but can't speak so yeah I noticed that she was a little left out. It was practically only me talking to her, thus I felt that it was my duty to talk to her..I hate to see anyone being left out, it will seems like we outcast her. Something that I don't really like to see in trips with friends, all for one and one for all yo, especially since she did so much for us, from finding transport to the mountain to driving us around. I was glad that this trip ended with a bomb by going clubbing, everyone was happy, no new enemies made, instead we made new friends, or should I say now to know each other better. As Lin said, this trip really bonded us together, knowing each other better, having each other backs when needed. The guys were reliable while girls ruled this trip...hahaha. The only thing that was bad was the image that I have been maintaining in school was I will be known as the girl that has gotten drunk...hahaha...Well, one adventure has ended and our results came out on 15th!! As expected, building services 2, Mr Kam...urrgghh...3.76...not what I wanted but can live with it. Sem 4, another tough sem waiting for us and practical next, oh god help me....

Finally after days of typing, my 8 days 7 nights adventure has come to an end on paper. I spent a total of MYR1200, which I think was worth it for everything that I managed to learn. Time to forget everything…and prepare for CNY^^ 

Kota Kinabalu 8D7N Part 7


Monday, January 19, 2015


Today was the day that we woke up the latest...7am. After using the toilet I went to the dining hall and rest. My stomach and head was still not feeling right. Breakfast for the day was vegetarian food. The shop was near Ping's dad office, Penampang. We met up with her parents at there as well and invite them to sit with us as all the tables were huge and its kinda weird for 2 persons to sit at a huge table. Adrian ordered for us a total of four dishes. It tasted quite good. I kept forgetting that everything was vegetarian...I thought the butter prawn was an actual prawn and asked ping why does it taste like flour...haha. Even the fish cake. In the end her parents paid for the meal but we insisted that we paid her back..which left her in a "feeling bad" mood ^^ In the end we managed to pass her the money by putting it in the car. Our next pit stop was some kind of resort that has place for storing people's yacht as well as a resort and a mini beach. We spent few moments there as the photo shooting group was busy taking photos again..hahaha. We actually wanted to eat there but it was quite expensive so we decided to eat at Little Italy. The food there was yummy!! especially the lagziania. Taste superb. Jing went to have lunch with her dad and joined us later. 6 of us shared 4 dishes, 2 pizzas, one spegg and lagza. After lunch the time was 4.30pm. Next stop was Rasa Ria beach Resort...apparently it's the nicest beach available in KK. The place was quite far though. But it was worth it. The sand was super fine, even finer than the one in PD. Water was super clear as well. It was such a waste we didn't bring clothes to change...oh well, at least we took hundreds of photos. It was very difficult to ask everyone to come together to take a photo as all of them were busy doing different post...hahaha. I swear Im never gonna take any picture involving jumping cuz I can't jump high!! Hahaha...evil them keep forcing me to. We walked along the beach and sat for a while as Adrian, the sports guy went to join random people for hand ball..haha. School Representative ^^Our sitting arrangement for the car was very messy. I didn't really sense that anything was fishy then. Everybody went to sit in Khew's car, even Ping the owner for the other car left her car to Wei Jia, hahaha, which left him speechless..haha. Anyway I was in the same car with Amy, Yun Xuan, W.Jia and Wayne and slept throughout the journey to the dinner place. Dinner was 生肉面 which I didn't eat since it was quite oily but I think it was the same as the one I ate in Puchong though. I was only parched at that time, thus I walked to the nearby 24 hours shop and bought a can of coffee. Just when we left he shop, we saw Quinnie's car drove pass us. The going back arrangement was again messy. Adrian was driving back to his house, Khew was going to buy "Wine", and our car was suppose to follow Quinnie's car back to the apartment. But Wei Jia didn't hear properly and followed Adrian's car until Wayne told him. haha...epic, and the best was Chester and Ming was suppose to sit in our car back to the apartment but Wei Jia just drove off, leaving them beside the road..speechless..hahahaha. So we drove back to the place and picked both of them. Hahaha...went back to have a bath. Even came back with Adrian and apparently they were the ones who bought the Wine, then khew pergi mana? Both of us sensed something fishy but Jing came back with the rest and said that her stomach was pain so they bought medication...thus both of us let it pass. It was Yoga time again...and seriously my leg crammed when I lift it up...walao so pain...never going to do that again. The boys came in as well and joined Jing's and Lin's Yoga Session. Apparently the only two who couldn't touch their toes while stretching were Khew and Ping...hahaha, Ping found her partner. 

Then it was Wine time at downstairs. They bought 4 bottles of wine, which surprisingly finished up quite fast. Jing was doing one shots hence she felt dizzy very fast. Suddenly they asked me, even, yunxuan and wayne to sit on the chair...I knew it, something was going on, they were planning something from just now and hence threw us in an isolated car. It was our pre bday celebration...but honestly my bday was after the semester starts. It was an ice-cream cake, after blowing the candles jing started rubbing cake on our faces...right after we bathed. It wasn't the end yet, we had to do one shots for a can of beer without stopping..half a can each of us. Wow, it was after that shot, I felt dizzy again...never mix wine and beer..the effect was immediate. Anyway we couldn't finish up the ice-cream was too much. The night is still young they say and so happen we were staying near Clubs and midnight hang out place, so Even suggested we go clubbing after finishing up all the bottles of wine. We had to play card games to finish up that bottle of white wine. Jing was practically gulping down the wine. Not all of us went to the club, Lin and Ming didn't want to go and went to bed a few moments after we left. Let me share my first impression of "clubbing"..hahaha, so not my cup of coffee, noisy and scary since there were lots of foreigners. By then Jing was already a little drunk which got me worried, told Even to look after her as I had Ping to look over as well...haha. We found a table beside the stage and was feeling my heart beating due to the loud speakers. 10 minutes later Wayne came to ask us whether Ping wanted to leave as she is gonna drive the Johorians to pick up they frozen goods at 6am. I wasn't sure whether I should leave because of Jing...but I left the place to accompany her back, since she always say waking with one guy alone is not appropriate. When we reach the apartment, we didn't have any access card to go in, called lin and ming and none were answering. So khew had to run back to give us the key. I think Ping was a little drunk then as well..haha, she wouldn't stand still. Khew asked me whether I wanted to head back to the club, which by the end of the day I felt that my choice was correct. So I left and walked back to the club with Wayne and Khew, before I left the mabuk ping gave me a hug, it was then I knew she was a little high..haha. I fell while entering the club, the floor was slippery and tore my pants but luckily no one noticed. hahaha. Jing was..I can say 90% high on alcohol and insisted on drinking some more beer. We had to bluf her by adding 90% of water with 10% of beer. The toilets in the club was also scary I tell you, drunk people and smoking womens..omg, I thought I was only able to watch this on TVs. I accompanied Jing to the toilet and waited for her...I had no idea where to look so I stared at the floor instead. Another advice, never shoulder bump people in clubs as it could cause unnecessary trouble. The dance floor was filled with people and hence it was hard to find a path of walk back to the table. Wayne accidentally hit on some random guy and the guy was quite angry. We had to say 10 times sorry and quickly walked back to our table. I even had to bow and say sorry, like those in kdrama...haha. In the end from one tower became two towers and I drank 4 cups since I know I was at my limit and I need to be sober to assist Jing back. We had a nice time especially when Even say "Put your hands up!!" hahaha..dancing is good, but sober dancing. We went out of the club at 2am and head to McD for supper. we only had two drunk people, Jing and Adrian. haha. The first to throw out was Hee Yan due to the gas from the beer. Jing wanted Mcflurry but it was out of stock...I think she was a little emotional on that day, bf problem I guess. She started crying while we were eating and wouldn't sleep, kept on crapping with Adrian...haha. One conclusion, all drunk people are stubborn. I had to find ways and means to support her back to the apartment since she didn't want anyone to hold her. It was hard to force her to sleep on the bed and she kept asking for her handphone, I didn't want to give her at first, to prevent her from doing something she would regret later on, but I gave in, but I think she wasn't able to contact him...phew. Even came in and luckily she climbed to her bed and slept soundly. I made up my mind that I shouldn't sleep as it was aldy 3.30am and I know that I would wake up the next day with a bad headache. 
To be continued

Kota Kinabalu 8D7N Part 6


Sunday, January 18, 2015


Day 6 of our trip. Today I can say finally I could get up a little later, 6.30am. Hahaha. The schedule for today was more leisure and free and easy type. So at 8.30am we went to Gaya Street, where it seems more like a pasar pagi. It sells all kinds of stuff just like our pasar malam. However it was difficult to find a parking though, thus Ping asked Wei Jia to drive instead. There were more locals than tourist hence they say that there will be pick pockets. I should have bought more Kudat Kacang...haiz..regretted. haha..should have trusted Ping >< We ate laksa along the same street where there were lots of people with no table to sit. Apparently there were also people filming the taiwan show 食尚玩家 that 蝴蝶的姐姐 was on the show, however I don't really know who was that so I showed the least interest xD Khew and some of them took a picture with her, while the rest were more interested on being "kelefei" by purposely choosing a table behind the camera and popping our heads..haha. Oh ya, the laksa soup was very tasty and the teh tarik ping taste just like normal teh tarik..haha. While we were waiting for a table, there was an incident where I think a man tried to steal a bag and got chased by police. Hence we could see police with guns walking along the pasar pagi as well. Our other mission was to buy a gift for Ping's parents as we were going to her house for BBQ at night...we were contemplating from fruits to plants to everything else sold in the market but ended up getting nothing. We even bought 孔明灯but found out later that all the beaches in KK are close to airports..haha, wasted RM10 xD We stopped by at "Tong Hing" to find a suitable gift and was close to buy red wine (which thank god we didn't, the taste of the wine was horrible as we bought it for the last night). We ended up walking to one of the mall nearby to walk around an shop a little. Some of the guys and ping left us later to visit one of the Archi friend's mum so leaving the rest wondering in the mall. In the end we decided to catch a movie "The 7th Son"...the movie which I wanted to watch instead of Taken 3. But sad to say half way through the movie I slept..hahaha, not boring but I was too tired. The story line was also quite plain, love story. After the movie one car head back to the apartment while the other stayed back to shop for the gift, Khew, me, jing, even and hee yan. City Grocer was like Cold Storage but we couldn't find anything to buy, instead they bought some snacks for the Island trip tomorrow. As it was already 4.30pm, we had to rush to buy the gift, which lead us to Eu Yan Shang...a hamper worth RM129...hahaha. We were already late to catch the sunset and the others were waiting for us. But we still managed to make a pit stop at "Fu Yuan" to buy more bread and kaya spread, Jing's fav. Drove back to pick up our laundry and headed to one of the beaches. All of us gathered there and again photo shooting session...luckily we managed to catch the sunset though if not sure kena ketuk kepala...hahaha. All the beaches normally have resorts so it is well maintained. We left the beach at 6.30pm and headed to Ping's house. By the time we reached her house, her dad was already BBQ~ing food for their family^^ The first thing that I did in her house was using the toilet, there was a line of us waiting to use the toilet. The 1st impression I had from her dad was my my doesn't he look fierce while her mum looked exactly like her. Our ulterior motive for the night was to convince her parents to allow her to follow us to tomorrow's island trip, but it seemed like a little impossible..hahaha. Her dad gave us 2 bottles of good wine, and when I say good, it means it tastes real was sweeter than the other. I don't really favour BBQ as I will only eat hotdogs, fish balls, sweet potato and some fruits without fail. I think I drank a little too much on that day cuz I could feel that I was swaying left to right and was quite high...haha. Jing drank quite a lot too. After cleaning everything and packing everything into the fridge for her, we took a family photo with her whole family, the atmosphere was intense then. The moment ping asked her parents again whether she could follow us to pulau manukan, her parents gave her a strict No...I or Jing couldn't negotiate anymore when we looked at her dad's our master plan was ruined. In the end we decided that tomorrow's trip to an island was canceled...we shall spend our last day together!! I had a long shower that night, to cool down my hot body after all that wine in my system...Just when I wanted to rest, the boys came in and say "Let's Drink!" So here we go again...more beer. I wanted to drink 闷酒 downstairs while watching my drama...but as expected I got pulled up. While drinking we chat about random things and after I finished my can of beer, I could feel that I was up to my limit, but then they gave me 3 more cups to drink. Wei Jia wanted to add another cup but got stopped by my BFF Ping and Lin cuz I wasn't acting like my usual self...hahaha..laughing and a little high. I felt like I was on a boat to Pulau Sapi..really swaying. Apparently I was a laughing stock that night, but I really don't know why, is washing the empty can funny?? hahaha. Anyway they wont leave me alone, afraid that I would throw out, but I assure Lin (as she was the one sleeping with me) that I won't throw out. Went straight to bed after a cup of water, but I could still hear them talking about me, hence I app ping to go to sleep..hahaha. Had a stomachache the next morning...but luckily the dizzy went off...phew

Kota Kinabalu 8D7N Part 5


Saturday, January 17, 2015


I think through out this trip, I have been waking up at 5.00am and today wasn't an exception as it was the day to Kudat, hence the van was going to arrive by 7.30am. It was also the first time all of us, 16 persons was traveling together as Adrian and Ping was staying with us since the 4th day and Quinnie and Amy joined us for this Kudat trip. We left at 7.45am and was already hungry. However instead of stopping by Tuaran to have Tuaran mee, we have to miss it due to the jam on the road. So instead we have breakfast somewhere else..the food was normal, just to fill up our tummy anyways. Halfway through it started raining. Hence we visited the Bee Farm in the rain, we couldn't see much due to the rain, but we saw the bees at least. At first we were reluctant to take photos with the bees...but it was alright. The next stop, Gong Factory, still in the rain. The gong made there were of all kinds of sizes. The gold ones could cost up to RM25,000!! Omg...didn't know it could be that expensive. The biggest gong was located quite inside so we were drenched in the rain again. I gotta say, after getting the rain and going in a aircond car, I was lucky not to catch any cold. Some went to toilet and some stayed back to ask some questions on how to tune the gongs, where and when to use it, and etc. I give kudos to Lin, hahaha, she was actually curious bout the gong and asked many ques...from this trip i could see that Lin is actually very knowledgeable, she knows far more things than me ^^ Our translator was Quinnie..another kudos xD The next visit was the Long House which we were suppose to stay...and thank GOD we didn't...ahha...a real kampung area I would say. Toilets were outside xD But the image of long house in my mind is different from reality...I imagined it to be longer and crowed with people and random things hanging everywhere....I think its because it is rented out to others hence they will have to keep it clean and neat. Our last stop was TIP OF BORNEO. The wind was seriously very strong as it was near the South China Sea. We had to climb down to the real tip tip of the sea, on those rocks. Then it began taking session...I think they spent at least 2 hours there alone taking pictures. Half way through me and lin left and climbed up to see other things. The sea view was amazing though...nothing like I have seen before. BTW, ice cream sold there was expensive, RM3 for one Solero? here is only RM1...hahaha. We had our lunch at a golf course where Quinnie's parents were there. The food was quite nice, fried squid was my fav. Quinnie didn't follow us back and stay back with her parents till tomorrow evening. At first the driver said it will take 1.30 hours to travel back however eventually it took us 2.30 hours. The driver was speeding like a maniac though..I was sitting in the front row of seats and was feeling like I was on a roller coaster...scary man...making a bend at a speed of 120km/h...swinging left and right...As soon as we reached the apartment, we headed out to have "饺子" recommended by Ping. As usual, all of us were tired, Ping had a stomachache then. The wanton was like Gonza...eating it with vinegar...After dinner some went to buy additional cans of much can they drink xD Our car left first, drove by wei jia...exhausted...The night was spent by sending our ugly pictures to our whatsapp how did all of this began? It began with Ping entering my room and pestering me to show her the photos taken with my phone. So I showed her and she started laughing at the Yoga video of lin and jing that I secretly took. Which was then Lin came in and notice something was wrong. Luckily we managed to bluf her...anyway it was then Lin asked ping to send her photos and Ping accidentally sent the photo to the KK group and it was Lin's solo photo, btw, it wasn't ugly at all. Lin wanted revenge and started sending my ugly photo. I started chasing her as she ran into Khew and Wei Jia's room...that's how it all started. As other mates started sending and zooming and cropping anybody's ugly expression into the KK group. Until now, they are still cropping and zooming the photos. The most epic photo was Even's...omg, her expression was seriously epic which got me laughing for minutes...the night ended with lots of laughter. It was there and then I felt that this trip has indeed bonded us together, this is what a trip with friends should be like

Kota Kinabalu 8D7N Part 4


Friday, January 16, 2015


Another early morning for us. Woke up at 5am and started getting ready as today Pulau Day!! The sun was already high up in the sky by 6am. Me and Lin routine for the morning was always "get up the first, dress up, wake up even and the rest, and then go down to the dining hall to catch a short nap" Ping couldn't join us for the Pulau Sapi trip since her parents won't allow her so she followed us to have breakfast at "Fu Yuan" where it sells dim sum, mee kinda food, roti kahwin and a bread shop. We took our heavy breakfast and bought some bread for our lunch at the Pulau. The white loaf of bread there was nice just as it is. Even was having a stomachache and hence after ping sent us off at Jesselton point, she sent Even to a Clinic for an injection and dropped her off at the Penthouse to rest. Apparently my worries were for nothing, the life jackets are of a standard size and luckily I could fit in it. The boat ride was not as rough as we thought it would be maybe cause the weather was still sunny. We left at 9.30am and reached at 10am. By then, there were lots of people at the island. We found a spot and left our things there and immediately wore our life jackets and snorkeling goggles to the sea. Ming was left to look over our belongings. There were quite a few rocks on the sea bed and fishes as well. One of the fishes scratched Jing leg. All the girls except Lin were scared to go to the deeper part of the sea to see the fishes as we had to float across huge corals...and I mean real huge. So Lin went and came a real cool method, without even thinking twice...her so cool attitude..haha...amazed at her. So jing and me said lets float there together. Thinking back now, wonder where did I get the courage to do so. I could see all the corals right beneath me, and a single touch of it could injure me badly. Anyway we managed to float there but it was hard to actually find a spot to stand on...we were like, "don't push don't push" and Hee Yan got seriously injured by the corals, her knee was bleeding. Since the wave was quite strong, we couldn't really stand on one spot. I remembered there was one time where Jing was behind me and pull me, I got a shock of my behind me a bunch of corals and I wasn't wearing my goggles..hahaha...luckily khew pulled us if not I won't want to imagine what could have happen...haha. We were at the deep spot for quite sometime before floating back...phew...scary. They even caught sea urchin however, later it started attacking them and they decided to let it go...haha. Hee Yan had to get her leg sprayed with something by the life guard. Soon, me, lin, hee yan and chester went over to see the monitor lizards...huge but doesn't move much. The sea at the other side was much better though...sand was finer with less rocks and more fishes. So next we transferred our things to the other table and went in for a dip. It was then wild boar started coming out, but they wont disturb us. Soon, the man in charged of us came to ask us whether we wanted to play Banana boat for RM25...this could be my first and last so I decided to go for it. The boat brought us to somewhere quite far in the sea and we split into 5 and 4. First group was Wei jia, hee yan, jing, khew and adrian. Wayne told the driver that they were experience so the ride was quite harsh...after 5 mins the boat turned over as they were not able to balance. Hahaha...second group wayne, ming, me and lin. We wanted to stay on the boat as long as possible but when we finally flipped, wow salt water going in by all means, mouth, nose, when we float up on our head were above the sea was then Wayne said "we have no idea what is below us"..omg...not a good sentence to say at that time. It was quite difficult to swim to the boat due to the current. Climbing the boat was another thing, I had to use all my energy plus ming on top pulling my life jacket up for me to finally get up. It was quite fun. First time ever in a Banana Boat!!! When we went back, Chester gave us a shock by saying some of the goggles and life jackets were missing, one piece Rm150!! Thus, instead of being panicky, me and lin went to the spot before and true enough the things were laying on the table like that, luckily no one took it....then everyone went back into the sea with a ease heart. Me and lin were the first to shower and change 2.45pm all of them were out and went to change. The boat came at 3pm sharp. The ride back were quite rough...bumpy and sea water splashing all over our face and clothes....luckily I didn't keep my towel and was able to use it to cover my face, shared with ming who was behind me too. At the end of the ride, we were dizzy, hair drenched with salt water again...haiz...shouldn't have changed. We cramped into 2 cars that were parked at the jetty instead of asking Ping to fetch us. Took a bath and Ping came to the apartment with Polo Buns. Even was still not feeling good, laying on the bed, resting. The rest with sun burn and exhausted so some slept as dinner time was still far away. I couldn't sleep so I went down to watch drama. Dinner was supposed to be at 8pm as Ping already booked a table at a seafood restaurant. Since we were a little late, she got stressed up...haha. When Ping gets stressed up, me and lin will signal each other...haha. I will pass this mission to lin to do her funny yet weird jokes which will crack people up. The seafood was very fresh, we had Lala, Prawns, Crabs, Fish, Veg, Chicken and more Fish. The price came up to very pretty as well. Rm570. taste good so it was worth it. By that time my body was already burning due to the sun burn. So we dropped by 7/11 to get 100 plus and some medication. When we went back, I couldn't take it anymore, I brought my pillow on the floor with a bottle under my neck and lay on the floor to cool me down while listening to music. Even was sleeping as well since she wasn't feeling well. Eventually I slept. Half way through I heard noises but just ignored them as I was too tired. Soon someone poked my eyes and when my eyes opened, i think practically everyone were staring at me which gave me a shock of my life...and my BFF Jing also took a photo...BFF they say, spreading the news to everyone...hahaha. 12am, I climbed back to my bed and sleep.....zzzz

Kota Kinabalu 8D7N Part 3


The day started at 4.30am with me being the first to wake up due to the super freezing weather. The next to wake up was Ping who was beside me, a light sleeper she is, same with Lin. The water in the morning was even worst, the moment your hands get in contact with it, your whole body will start jumping like a crazy monkey, hence we decided that we couldn't take a bathe. Next was waking up Kim Wan since he said he wanted to prepare breakfast. Only Even and Jing washed their hair with my help...hahaha. The one thing good about there is the fresh air. Cold and fresh, something we couldn't get down here. After cooking the rice then only they notice that the rice was sour, so maggie mee cup was for breakfast, which I shouldn't have eaten it, stomachache later. Although our main purpose was to actually see the sun rise, but instead we got side tracked with the spectacular view of the KK mount. We could really see the peak clearly...and from that moment, it was photo taking session. was then I found out that Jing actually likes to take pictures a lot...I think she and even took around 500 shots...hahaha...the models...what post you name it they have it. 3 hours I think, that's how long the shooting session took. The others either lazing around or started cleaning up the area. Before checking out we went to see more nice views at some park. It was apparently the other entrance to climb up the KK mount. Weather was again freezing, it was a short visit and then during our way back we saw this row of trees that is similar to the Korea autumn style....hence we made a stop and took photos again. After checking out the Philip Garden, we headed to Desa Cattle Farm where the cows are. The place resembles the view in New Zealand, green grass, mist covering the mountains and cows with the black spots. It is apparently famous for the milk and milk related products, such as milk waffle, gelato and some snacks. Of course I wont touch any of those. We even got the chance to feed the baby cows and goats. We had lunch at one of the chinese restaurants, however the food wasn't really nice...the food that we ordered came out very much different from what we expected. National Park was our next stop. The design of the gardens and staircase was beautiful. But we were too tired to take more photos, hence we only took some. That was the end of our trip in Kundasang....gotta say, I will miss the weather more than anything else. The journey back should at least be 2.30 hours...however, since our driver was a very "experience" driver, it only took us 1.30 hours to reach the apartment. It was practically sitting on a roller coaster. The new penthouse unit that we got was very much nicer and larger, however it had a little malay style in it, but we are fine. The dining place was more equiped and the fridge was a new one, better than our houses...Jing was happy to see the fridge xD. From 4.30pm to 7.30pm was rest time before dinner. Adrian joined us for the third day...another driver and guide^^ For dinner it was Bak Kut Teh!!! Haha...the serving was a little different as all the ingredients came separately and not in one claypot. But it taste good I guess. However, since the amount of food was too much, we had to play games to finish up the food. I gotta say, the time in KK past by very slow since the sun set and rise an hour earlier...we finished dinner by 8pm!! We all thought it might be 9pm or close to 10pm, hence our next stop was dessert at some beach. The people there were kinda fierce...haha...well, the competition is fierce too, so can't really blame them. I shared with Chester and it was still too we walk along the beach we drank or ate our dessert. During the night, we played Uno, and other cards game while drinking our left over cans of beer from Kundasang until 12.30am....

Kota Kinabalu 8D7N Part 2


Thursday, January 15, 2015

Second day....since our van comes at 7.30am...we had to wake up at 4.30am...tired tired. I was the first to wake up as it was too cold to sleep. I practically only slept for 2 hours. Anyway, after me was lin thn jing then even...all of us got ready on time, 7.20am, we were hungry then. It was a 12 seater van and a Avanza. At first, it looked as if it was impossible to carry all our luggage and us, but eventually it was possible. Through out the whole journey, I sat at the last row. At first it looked like the most uncomfortable place to sit, but in the end it became the most comfortable one. I sat with lin. Half way through the van stopped us and we had a brisk walk across a hanging bridge where the other end lead us to a market where we bought more things for BBQ. Our breakfast was also around the corner, Temperuling mee. It tastes like Wan Ton Mee actually. Then we continued our journey to the mountain. Our second stop was at the Hot Spring and Canopy walk. Luckily there wasn't much climbing needed to reach the canopy walk, if not I would have died. The canopy walk was exactly like what I have experience in FRIM...hahaha. We wanted to have a dip in the hot spring but our attire wasn't suitable for it. We had our lunch at the same place. By then it was already 2 to 3pm. We continued climbing the mountain, it was after the first gate. Half way through Lin exchanged sit with Ping. Everybody was able to sleep except me...I guess I didn't want to miss out anything through out the journey. We bought a carton of beer when we were at Ranau, 36 cans. I was amazed the van could climb up since the hill was very steep. It was kinda scary though. So finally we reached Philip Garden Chalet, we were the only one staying there, there rest of the chalet were empty. There were 2 levels but not connected. Everybody was rushing for the up one as it looked at last me, ping, jing, lin, even, quinnie, wayne, chester, ming slept down and the rest up. It took sometime to start up the fire as first the coal was wet, no idea how it became wet, but it was wet....hahaha. Main person in charged was Khew and then Ming and the rest. So girls was in the kitchen preparing the raw ingredients. It was freezing cold by then. We took turns to bathe...since downstairs had 2 toilets, I and Quinnie bathe first... even though there was the heater on, the water was still cold. I really shouldn't have worn shorts...hahah...hero~~Jing was the person peeling and feeding others they called her. Soon we started drinking beer. I only took 4 cups....wei jia was pouring and pouring for the end I think he was a lil drunk...haha. Lin was the best, as there was not enough chairs, she took out one of the sofa from inside and sat there like a boss xD...watching the stars...we ended at 11pm. at first we thought we didn't want to sleep and chat through out the night since sun rise was at 5am....but we slept anyways. Jing, even, ping and me slept outside while Quinnie and Lin slept inside. At first I felt hot, hence I generously gave my thick jacket to jing and even since they were 1am I was freezing man....shivering~~8 degrees i think. No wonder ping slept with 4 layers, shirt, jacket, sleeping bag and blanket. I was so tempted to steal her blanket...luckily mid way she gave me half of her blanket...I only managed to get 2 hours of sleep again...4.30am...the alarm rang~~