Am I Really Too Good?

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Well recently my friends keep saying that I am too kind, have no temper, just too good to be true. Some may even say I am not human. I don't really know why, but i just don't get angry at school, at home now that is a different story. I am a totally different person at home, I will just put on the sour face at home, but at school there are too many laughter it is just too hard to do that especially with such a sampat friend sitting in front of me. She always disturb me, take my things, and distroy them. She always say she does that because she want to see my anger...hahah and I will reply I don't get angry is because I don't want her to get satisfactory. Well you could say I am stupid and maybe even not brave enough but the truth is I just don't want to hurt anybody......I always think of others before me. Although I don't really want to help her but if I don't what if nobody is willing to. So I will just accept it. Now I hate this part of me......yesshhh.....I just can't say no to others. hahah I am weird right? Unless I really hate her than I will do some bad things to her...hehehe. This is nature.....