Battle's TaeHwa Solo!!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

OMG....Battle's leader Taehwa has come out his own solo single tittled" Fallen Angle". After so long finally it's out lol. The MV is like hottt... I liked the angle concept that they used on him lol. All white...and his hair is OMG. I still wish they will still come out album as a group lol. This Song "fallen Angle " is a R&B song feat JED. His vocal is awsome...well what can I say he is the leader....Although at first the mv may look a little crippy but the song is catchy. I have been hearing many times over and over again. Looking forward for his promotions....sure to download it straight away. Oh ya did I mention his dancing skills are very good....well not many singers can dance and sing well at the same time.