Mission Completed Half

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Today is PMR examination, I was thinking back when I was F3, I was very nervous then. But now at F4 got more important things to take care of. So today actually our form was off for a day, but I went to school to complete my job. And I am quite satisfy because I completed almost all my job. Just that aiyo I did something wrong and have to find teacher to get a new piece but I think she went somewhere. Haiz just haven't print that 1 sheet, so my second minor job is not done yet. After TIC come back she is going to scold me, sorry a, not my fault the printer never print nicely. This week I have to open PA 3 days straight, so guys how are you guys going to repay me, hahha. Recently I just found out that F2 PPS all very sampat one copy us F4, haha F3 one too serious, F1 too quite. So conclusion is our PSS is well balance. Well we are 1 big family, like the cullens