My First Time Bengkel!!! Alone

Friday, October 2, 2009

WOW this is my first time bengkel as ketua unit!!! I was so nervous in the beginning, but later I was so pekcek man. So many silly mistakes done by them....I mean really unreasonable mistakes. Why can't they just follow what I say, no they must do something different. Some more they move like tortise even better snail. 3 hours for 1 book.....ok I know it's your first time doing this type of book, but 3 hours is just too long!!! If you guys are going to continue to do this I will have to ask teacher to buy BC books every month man!!! My heart hurts, seeing these new books being destroyed by them.....I feel like doing it all by myself. I can't stand it anymore!!! I am going to train them hard. I know those fellows are going to say it's my so call " 爱的教育". Especially that "TIC". Bla....bla....bla....bla