2009's Last day Of School

Friday, November 20, 2009

Today my school life in the year 2009 ends. Although it's the last day and holiday begins but I don't really seem happy about it. Today it was chaos in the library, especialy us, the check stok ketuas, were all busy finishing their work. After everyone went back I heard teacher say that she is not quite satisfied with our work because it's not done yet, guess we have to go to school and complete it. For me I have plenty of work not done yet, account, proses buku, DK check stock, all not really completed. Last year I didn't have to do all this work but this year as an AJK, got so many works to do. Now I understand when our seniors say that they have stress doing this and that. Now with our preparations of the camp, got more work to do. Next year I am going to lying flat on the floor with all the piles of work waiting for me. This holiday I have to go back to school for 5 days, I think I will be an expert at taking the bus down town by then since nobody wants to send me. I made two silly mistake again today, what am I suppose to do? Three words " Ask For Forgiveness" hahah