3 Sisters Again

Saturday, November 28, 2009

It's been a while since we three sisters went out shopping since my sisters are all studying some where else, excluding my little sis since she is still young. So today my uncle brought us three out to MP and DP. Me and my big sis actually wanted to watch a movie ,but my 2nd sis hates movies, all she want to do is shop so we followed her shopping. We stopped at many clothes shop to try out, I who didn't like to shop for clothes had to carry their bags while they were trying out the clothes. Then we went to eat blogs at DP. Soon after the rain stopped, we went to MP and continue shopping. We went there and saw the musical band playing music with all types of instrument even include the malay tradisional instuments.....WOW it was fantastic, the music blanded very nice, one word AWSOME. The three things that I wanted to get wasn't selling anymore, guess I have to go to KL and shop (next week). Can't follow my uncle up to KL today because I have meeting on Monday........anyway it was a memorable day for me. Next year my second sis will be going away to Swiz.....haiz