Behind The Scenes

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Today we AJK had our very first meeting about our next year's PPS camp. It was excititng since it's my first time doing this but then when I thought about the accounts and the works...haiz got so bored.....So i have been choosen to be the "bendahari","Ahli Unit Hiburan" and "Jurugambar" . The only post I want is the jurugambar. I like taking photos. We were also dicussing about the theme of the camp.....hahaha so many weird tittle came out ( our penasihat kem very lame and outdated one) haha. When we were dicussing about the activities that we should have.....we dicussed more detailed about the "Midnight Game" and found out many behind the scenes that we did not know, I wonder how did they felt. So I found out that being an AJK is not easy as I thought.....being an normal ahli is so much better. Hearing those stories make me shiver. Anyway let us all gambateh and make this camp the most successful one.