JaeChunSu attend MAMA 2009

Saturday, November 21, 2009

After the lawsuit, this is the first time 3 members of TVXQ show up. Although 5 members is better but 3 is still good. I was so happy when they receive the BEST ASIA STAR award. They totally deserved it. Tears was rolling down my eyes to see them so sad because not all of them could come. That evil SM said they did not deserved to get the award because missing 5 members....SME are you out of your mind? Jeajoong said "I can't be happier because this award is coming directly from the fans of Asia. To our fans who are watching and possibly our two friends who are watching, I wanted to say that I love you." It was so nice of him to say that.....TVXQ will only be one when they are together.....ALWAYS KEEP FAITH. Cassies Let us support them no matter what.