Jonker Walk Night

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Today my neighbour ask me, my big sis and my grandma out to Jonker Walk at 8pm. We park the car at my neighbour's friend's hotel car park. The hotel is a very antic hotel, there were many antics of the nyonya and baba things. We started to walk along the street. There were many little shops selling things that my 2nd sis will like. It brings back memories when I went there during this year's PPS camp. I went in the same shop and I bought a Rubicube (which fall into pieces when my sister started playing with it). Then I saw my senior which is taking SPM this year. We also ate the ice cream with a special shape, with a unique way of making it. On the way out from Jonker Walk, I saw my primary english teacher Mdm Goh, she was with her family at a bar. She still looked the same, never changed at all. Then we all went to the Tong Shui House at Kampung Lapan. The food there was very delicious especialy the fav the pulut hitam.