Tired, Countless Things To Do

Thursday, November 19, 2009

I am so tired today because today we have to move almost all the raks at ruang 3. Addition we can't just push it like that, we had to remove at least 3 rows of books. At first we remove the books one by one but then someone came with an idea of just carrying the wood out together with the books. So unlucky me while taking out the wood from the 1st row, suddenly the otherside lost balance and the books fell on my head until my spacts fall off making me become a 'blind bat'. Some of the raks were too old and their 'legs' was too small. haha even when the wind was blowing the rak can even shake. The rest was not really a big problem until it came to the rujukan rak, move front and back but still crooked. Aiyo I carry the rak until my got all bruised. My head even got almost 'penyek' between the raks but was saved my my friend K***. Tomorror last day of school but got many things not settle yet.......D gambateh!!!!