After Christmas

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Today my mom and us went to Mahkota Parade by bus again. Since it's crowded, so my dad didn't go, he hates crowded places. We woke up at 8.00a.m. to get ready and manage to catch the 10.30a.m. bus. More importantly, we manage to catch the Air Cond-Bus. haha. Then we reached Melaka Sentral and took another bus to MP. Poor Big sis had to sit all alone during the whole time. When we started walking and walking. Our mission was to find my 2nd sis suit since she needed it for her degree. We ate lunch at the foodcourt. Then we went to DP. My mom even bought some new clothes for's been quite sometime because she is always busy with her work. Then when me and my big sis went to gardient, there was a lady which is older than my sis but called her “大姐" and she was selling Panadol koyok. haha.....we keep running away from her. After going from shop to shops, we still can't find the suitable suit so we went back to MP. Finally we bought her suit at MP, it took ages for her to find the suitable one. Everybody was all so tired. We stoped by to eat Ice-cream and took the bus home. I was practically sleeping on the bus. When we were walking back to the house , we saw dad's car passing by. Only me and big sis hitch a ride. The rest just continued walking....aren't we lazy......