A day at I0I mall

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Today me, both my sis and grandma went to I0I mall to shop. It was a tiring day. It's been the first time I went to I0I mall's new wing. It seems big and fresh. When we first reach there, my little sis was hungry and wanted to eat. So we all went to Jusco food court to eat tea ( although the time is tea time but we ate quite a lot). Then we just keep walking and walking until it was about 7p.m. then we drop by at a shop all Black Queen which sell accessories. All of us bought something. I bought a bracelate, my sis bought a necklace and grandma bought 3 pairs of ear rings. Then later me and my big sis went to Puchong mall to buy some bread and drop by at the bank. My aunt parked her car infront of the other car and when the driver wanted to come out but my big sis was scared to drive the car( scary cat ) she ran to the bank and called my aunt out to move the car. My sis has a driving license mind you. haiz what a day.....