Eye Check Again

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Today our whole family except my little sis went to ayer keroh to have an eye check. So we went at about 12.00p.m. and there were many cars there, so as usual we got scolding from our dad. There were many people in the shop, we had to wait for a while before my big sis and mom get to check their eyes. Mine and 2nd sis was just fine. I saw a addidas sung glass which was cool cost RM 720!!! Why are they so expensive??? After my big sis finished, she was wondering whether to buy a new frame or not, so we went trying many types of frames. My mom took the longest time because she uses bifocal lens. Then we went to Melaka Mall to have lunch then went shopping at JJ. It has been a long time since I last went to JJ.....nothing changed much. Then we had to walk back to the bukit baru house because we want to save petrol!!!