Fun Outing 2009

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Today all of us Ajs walk to DP for our upcoming "activity". I thought we will have to take at least 1 hour to reach, but we only took 40 minutes to reach. It feels much nearer when you don't have stress. We were just chit chating and suddenly we have reached DP. But unfortunately 2 of us were absent, if not it will have been perfect. We break into a few teams and started looking for something. We took many pictures, I felt like a photographer there, I just kept snapping pictures everywhere. We passed by many buildings that I hardly see before. Then we all rest and started diccussing. Most of us were already hungry by then but it was still not 1pm. After planning everything, we started to go to or next destination. We ate Mcdonald there. Since they all didn't want to walk back, I had to take a bus with a few more friends back. It ended to soon, I want to have more fun. Anyways We have a long more way to go. Let's hwating tomorror!!