It's been a long time

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

It has been a while since I went to the morning market with my grandma. So today I woke up at 6.30a.m., it was quite difficult because I slept at 3.00a.m. I changed and went down found out that grandma has problem with the washing machine...the water just won't flow out. We took the short cut, When we reached there, many people already arrived. So we walk around. Ma bought some vegetable, morning breakfast, kuih, fruits. I didn't know they even sell DVD/CD there. WOW they improved a lot. It sound like ma bought very little things right? But it's quite heavy though. "Ma you are the best, even though it's so heavy, you still don't complain and always ask us what do we want". I also notice Ma recognize almost everybody in the market, She's a very socialable person. After an Hour we walked back home. Maybe it's because I haven't go out for a long time, I felt so sleepy. Ma was still baking tarts for my cousin that's coming back form India. I will follow ma again tomorror because tomorror she will be ingredients for satay celup....YAY!!!IT'S THE BEST!! 1 Mission accomplish