The Making of Tang Yuan

Monday, December 21, 2009

Today after dinner, My mom mixed the flour together and me and my big sis started making tang yuan. At first the flour was a little dry, it just would stick. After adding a little water and mixing it all up, it was much better. Then we were talking about what should we put inside the tang yuan. Since we didn't buy the ingredients, so we only could put smashed peanuts in it. My sister din't want to put anything inside it, so she made her so called "MINI TANG YUAN". It was so small compared to mine. The flour becomes hard very quickly, so we had to do everything so fast. My sis even talking about putting milo inside it......would that taste nice??? I wonder....we went online to search and found nothing. Normally this was my grandma's job, but she went to Hong Kong with my uncle today at 3.00a.m. so it was up to us......not bad. We counted, everybody will get 20 big balls, 2 mini ones and 4 medium ones.....hahah