My big sis is so childish!!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Can you people believe that when I say a 21 year old girl is still watching playhouse disney, when wants to eat calls it mammam, always souting at the top of her lungs when she wants something, gets bully by younger sisters and call mommy for help?.....yes I believe because that's my big sis. hahah she is a top student but doesn't behave like one....she even wanted to buy a pink Pooh Bear umbrella and tie her hair into 2 and walk at the streets. Hahha she is a really laughing stock in our family. She brings our whole family laughter, except my dad, he can't stand her....ahaha. Although she behave like that but she's smart....I set her as my goal. I want to become like her...get straight As in SPM. I know it's not easy but I must achieve that because I haven lost to her yet by 1A. She is now studying in Australia, taking double degree. She still haven think she wants to major in what...still need mommy's advice....hahah. She is one of a's hard to find that type of big lucky I am!!! hahah


Anonymous said...

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