Thursday, December 3, 2009

IT's a rainny and cooling day at kl today. I didn't do much today but since yesterday my second sis finished her final and came here the house became more noisy because she likes to shout at us....we get used to it. Today I ate nothing but bread for breakfast and lunch....maybe that's why I am feeling uneasy. Then later my uncle said that he could bring us out for shopping today. So my big sis asked me to bathe. But after I bathe and changed, she came up to told me that we maybe could not go shopping today. That evil sis, next time I would asked her to bathe first....Uncle said tomorror at branch time he would send us to shopping mall for the whole day.....tomorror is my last chance to buy what I want then I would head back to Malacca. Now I have nothing to do but see my anime.......like it so much....