Friday, December 4, 2009

Today we turned into a shopperholic, why because my shopperholic sis followed us out for shopping, with her around she will bring us to all the shops to see. We went to Sunway Piramid to shop since it's near to Puchong. We went to Asian Avenue first then to Orange Avenue, Ice Avenue and many more. Eveybody bought things from there, my big sis bought a beg, 2nd sis bought nail polish, shoes, I bought shoes, Little sis bought necklace, grandma bought nail polish and eye rings. We rushed here and there because there weren't much time for shopping. So my 2nd sis dragged us into here and there, we didn't rest at all during that 4.30 hours. We even took many pictures since it's christmas. We asked our aunt to take pictures for us and we have to smaile for 10 minutes for 1 paiseh. Then she will take many pictures of the same thing. We went to the stage and show people dancing. We even took a picture of Snitch but since it was rainning so we took from far. This will be the first time I buy shoes without my parents. My sis shoes was converse type and mine was hip hop type.
Finally A family picture

My Hip Hop Shoes

My 2nd Sis's shoes ( Converse )

My Big sis's beg( Took her so long to decide)

After buying so many, she says she still doesn't have enough