So Many Things More To Do

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Haiz...the long holidays are going to end in another half a month, and I haven't done anything yet. I didn't acomplish anything at all. I said I wanted to do my add math and mod math homework but I was too lazy to start, I said I wanted to do my presentation but when I go online I always go somewhere else and forgot about it, I said I wanted to study for next year's SPM but I haven't started, I said I wanted to do a model of nametag, but I have no idea yet (haven't sit down and think), I said I wanted to accompany my grandma out to market everyday but I can't wake up. The only thing I have done is coming out the T-Shirt design. I told myself that I must do everything before school starts, but I haven't touched it at all. hahha I found out that I have no determination at all. Therefore I hereby promise that I must do all of this before school opens.