A little by little

Saturday, January 30, 2010

I am forgeting it little by little
And a little more
I will be the same again
I notice I am the same with my friends
Not the depress girl at home
Just as normal as possible
I prefer to go tuition then be at home
I rather go to school then be at home
Because I will have to concentrate and it makes me forget everything
What should I do
I still have many more things to do
And I tell u 24 hours is not enough
I wish there were 36 hours a day
I did my PS again
It helps me destress
Maybe I should do it more often
Actually today I wanted to cut my hair
But dad say tomorror
Tomorror as usual got physics tuition
But at evening got Add math
Teacher wants to replace because of the Sat Class
So even less time for me to do my things
I notice I waste a lot of time thinking
I should stop thinking and just do it
Risk is acceptable right?
Today i saw a video done from my ex classmate to another ex
It was very touching
I liked it very much
Time pass by so fast
In another 2 weeks it will be CNY
But I have no mood at all
They say I am not sociable
I feel much more comfortable with friends
But I need to help my grandma
It will be a house full of people
Which I don't know
But still have to keep my manners
I am looking forward to visit my teacher's house
It'll great
She is so cute
But why does she has to stay at bukit beruang?