Why Must It Be Like This

Friday, January 29, 2010

I don't get it
Why can't we just coorperate
I know you people don't like to do it
Think it as your last year
Just do it like everybody else
I wanted to be fair
But you make feel like I am bullying you F5
Am I really doing that?
I don't feel like it
Just because of this
I almost lost my temper to my friend
But luckily I still can control my EQ
Please don't make me red headed
I have my limits too
I really don't want to show you people my negative side
Let me leave a nice memory for you all
Now I am feeling really very uneasy
I feel like scolding somebody
I have too many things in my head now
Now this is what they call pressure
I can't take it anymore
Sometimes resigning runs through my mind sometimes
But I keep telling myself
I came through this far I just can't give up everything now
I will have to be strong
Friends please support me at all times
You don't have to do anything
Just bring laughter to me
That's all I need
Too many things has happen to me today
I don't feel like I can control myself anymore
If I say no to teacher will she listen to me
I tried but she has many reasons
I can't take some of them anymore
If you don't want to do it
Why don't you become their ketua
I feel fine with whatever you want me to do
I always thought that dealing with the little ones are horrible
But actually dealling with the older ones are even harder
Because thay are my friends
I can't just tell them off like that
I don't wish to do that to anybody