Saturday, February 19, 2011

She is making me more and more worried...she has issues but she's not telling anybody, she won't tell me becauz she says i'm too young. I can tell that it must be a big issue. She has been delaying her trip back to Aus....she hasn't done anything like that before.....now she's forced to go back becauz class is starting on monday and she has yet to settle it.
She won't tell anybody...she keeps saying " don't get shock if you see me back by tomorrow" what does that mean?
There are so many reason for someone to say like that.....results? Accomdation? Course? I don't know....and she's going back today.....haiz.....
Really, what's your problem ? It's getting me worried....very worried.....
Anyways....I hope you will settle it soon, if you need somebody to talk to..i'm right here....
Now she says she kxxxxx somebody? Really? Don't kid me
All the best ^^