It's Done^^

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

At last dream high has ended. The ending was epic, although I wish it was more....I mean they nv really show what happen to hyemi and samdong, after 8 years, can't they meet up, or let samdong show up at her concert or as a special guest...then it will be just so wonderful^^
So samdong is K...hurray....he kind of gets the girl....the last scene" the kissing scene" was so amazing, both of them was so into it....the look in their in eyes was really WOW. I liked it a lot.
I wish there was a season 2 coming out...but i hope that the actors and actress remain the same as well...then it will be a dream come true^^
And guess what? I'm having my driving test tomorrow!!! I'm so nervous now^^ GOD please let me pass^^