1st day of Class!!!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Today was my first day of class in INTI IU. So woke up at 8am to get ready everything and left my hostel to meet up with my friend, Alice. We went to SAO then OAR then Main Entrance to get her new timetable and took our pictures for our ID Card. Then off to searching for our classes. I was at block B level 3. I couldn't find my class!! Luckily I met up with Hui min and she told me to try and look behind there. Luckily I found it. But I saw a group of students in the room, so the silly me didn't even looked at my watch what time was it and just rushed in the classroom.....and guess what, it was the law class studying then!!! OMG!!! Embrassing man!!! But the lecturer said i could sit there while waiting for the next class, lucky me. Upon finish, I moved to the front and my english Lec came in, Mrs Florence Mah^^She was a nice teacher. After explaining what we're learning, she gave us a tutorial t otest our english level...but it was O-level's English..so it was very different and quite hard for me. At first it was quite ok but when we reached the constructing sentences part....it was very Difficult. But Girish was good at it...must be smart^^ me and Shirrina was struggling. I don't think some of my sentences even maked sense^^ Well the Lecturer was laughing at our answers!!!^^ Then we went to MPW class at LH. They combined all the pre-u students, so I met up with my orien friendz and wenyi. On the first day and we have a major assignment to do and we'll have to present it on stage later!!!! Solo, and the worst part, wearing Formal Clothes!!! I super hate that man....Our lecturer was quite an interesting man, but strict^^ Later, they all went to collect their IDs and we headed off to have lunch at Cafeteria.....me and shirrina ordered Wan tan mee and Wenyi ordered Asam laksa. Wenyi went off back to her room and we both went back for Research Project class. We reached quite early^^ haiz....projects again!!! And there was another new student called Kee!!! Girish didn't come because he's going to leave Inti and go to AIMST....haiz...another student less. We went to the library after classes and head back later. At 7pm orien freiz and us went out for dinner...it was far, but the food was nice. Shirrina and me headed back while the rest wanted to go for karaoke. Haiz....she's missing a week class next week, means only 2 of us now!!! OMG!!! so sad.......................................