1st weekend In INTI

Monday, July 18, 2011

Last week was my 1st weekend spent in INTI....well I didn't hae any class on Friday, so i accompanied my friend, Alice to Giant. It was my 1st time sitting the Inti bus to Giant too....so I was kinda of nerous, because I don't know where's the stop. hahaha...but luckily we managed to get there safely. It was 11.15am then, so there weren't much people taking the bus. We were so excited when we saw popular there...hahaha...we went into Giant and the 1st shop we stopped by was Guardian....( Girls fav store) so alice bought all her things from there, form washing contact lens soap to bio oil and etc...then we went to the ATM to widraw cash and went straight into Giant.....it was not much diff from malacca's Giant...the price as well....hahaha. She bought her hangers ,clothes hanger, towel etc....we went to popular then...the popular wasn't that big but it was acceptable^^ We ate at Sushi king...hahaha, Alice belanja me because I helped her carry her things...and we went to FOS to buy her clothes and headed back...hahaha.
Sat- A boring dy....I did my laundry, vacuum my room and organize my things....and then just stared into the comp skrin...hahaha
Sun- at 12.30pm when to AO there to teach Alice maths....hahaha, the irony, me teaching maths...I'm totally the last to ask about maths^^ But luckily, I managed to solve her problems.....at night, I did the research project until 1am and kong out...hahha, I love last minute jobs!!!!^^