Hiking!!! In NILAI

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I have been worrying about this for a week....finally today was the day!!! I wore a shorts and a t-shirt and went to COPS to wait for Mr Yap. Shirinnah didn't go becauz she has a party in Shah Alam, hence only me, kee and jude went for hiking. At first there were suppose to have more people but they didn't turn up~~~
We were suppose to walk to the Mount Melati but becauz we were already late hence Ms Wywa drove us there...hahaha.....they say it was a 20 mins climbing...but...but....it turn out to be a 2 hours hiking...from 6.20pm to 8.20pm!!! It was super duper tiring!!! After climbing the first peak, I thought it was the end but we went down and climbed up again to a higher peak!!! OMG....
Half way through 5 of my SAM seniors joined us....they were expert at climbing mountains I think, they were so fast. To reach the 2nd peak was the CRAZY thing....there was no track at all....i practically were using my hands to climb up, my knee was shacking by then...my leg has no more power left...it was more worst than the FRIM trip. But I can't give up, hence I just climbed up with all my strength^^
At last I reached the 2nd peak, by then it was so dark!!! I couldn't see a thing. On the way down, it was totally black. I should have bring my own torchlight....If there was any tracks that I couldn't go down by standing, I will have
to slide down...actually I practically slide down most of the time...my shoes~~~
Climbing down was much faster than climbing up...after all those booby traps...i finally reached a flat surface road!!! It was the end!!!
PS: so sorry to Ms Wywa's Car, It was a new car....but my pants was very dirty~~ thanks lotz for Mr Yap, Kee, Jude, Ms Wywa and the 5 seniors for supporting me and making this Hiking trip a success for me!!!....a 2nd time? hahaha