Holidays Are OVER!!!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Haiz....sad to say but my 1 week raya holiday is over!!! I didn't really do anything within this holiday...i just did a little homework, mostly reports and essay. Played badminton with Ning and gang again^^. Wednesday me, emily, kah yan sat the Delima bus to Bandar Tasik Selatan. The station really was like an airport. When siew asked us to get to the main door, we were like what? where is the main door...and we got lost XDD she had to come inside to find us..hahaha,,,her kind dad sent us right to KLCC!!! The bookfair was really crowded. The offers were superb but our cash were limited!!^^ I only bought 3 story books and 1 earphone. We met MinChian there, she went with her parents, it was only for a short while^^ The chinese department was crazy....more humans!!!! We were all exhausted, we had to walk and walk and walk....we decided to eat outside because there were too many people...I didn't know that the toilet fees was RM 2!!!...Nana was right XDD....We ate at Cheras and later went to Cheras's Leisure wasn't big but there was a cinema, it's consider not that bad at all. 3 of us when to the bus station at 5.30pm and found out that our bus was delayed...I mean, this is not an can a bus get delayed??? Emily was so nervous, so she went to ask the officer to make sure...we paid RM12.20 and sat in a super old bus....haiz~~ Bandar Tasik Selatan sucks!!! I prefer seremban bus station man, or our Melaka Sentral^^ =DD I had to sit with an Malay was ok....we reached at 8.30pm. Dad and Mom came to fetch me^^ my 1 day trip to KL!!! Today at 6am....I traveled back to INTI T^ drove to Alor Gajah and asked me to drive to INTI....It wasn't that was quite fun actually, just that my hands were freezing because of the aircond....^^ Class starts tomorrow~~