Cheong Mei's Pre B'day^^

Wednesday, December 14, 2011, mama decided to celebrate cheongmei's pre B'day~~lalala, Satay Celup with Secret Recipe Cheese cake~~So in the morning, I had to start work....the most gross one was taking out the kerang from the shell...the blood was dripping everywhere!!!! It was plain gross man, but it taste wonderful with the sauce!!! Everybody liked it, although I ate the most...hehehe.....then the fishballs, taukie, sotong, taukua...etc.....we had to wait till 7pm to start the fire....when we wanted to start it, the rice cooker gave us a big prob!!! And with didi was intense, mummy had to carry it here and there...until at last we used the smaller one....and finally we were able to eat....Aunty Irene and Uncle Seng arrived with the Jelly!!! it was awesome~~love it.....I ate at least 15 sticks!!! Full~~~and it was cake time!!!!hehehe....we took the family photos, although didi didn't want to take at first....but he still took it with all of us!!!!!hahaha...the Cheese Cake was Yummy~~as expected from Secret Recipe~~hehehe