Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I'm so worried but I'm not doing anything yet...If I don't start...I'll never!!!! Classes are commencing in 16 days!!!! but I'm returning to INTI in 14 days!!!! I've got research project...maths and grammar to do...Ms Florence is so gonna kill me...hahaha...Bis sis is going to Penang to see her "BBFF" hahaha, and she is excited...she's been bagging me to buy a Sim card and at last we manage to go to MP with Aunty Wee and bought it...she's leaving on the 27th~~hehehe....haiz~~I don't get why am I so nervous about class starting...is it because I'll be attending classes with people younger 1 year than me? is it because the stress? presentation? exam? accommodation? who knows....even I don't know~~haiz~~