Classes Begins!!!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

1st week of classes.....met nana on my first class, she was attending legal studies and I was having Bio...there were about 20 people for bio class. As usual, first introduce yourself...Ms Tan kept calling us seniors, as if we were so old...kee and jude were still the same. Lots if new faces and names to remember...there was one guy from korea, Hyun, but he lived in KL for a few years. Many lab reports, tests and stressed up. Chem lec was Mr Ong, quite a young man, 26 years old and doing his PhD this year...hahaha....he started his lessons immidiently...I was so blur man~~Mr Yap's class was quite ok, at least for now, he likes to ask us why...and we were like, because it is like that ma....oh here comes Ms Florence....hahaha....she kinda like ignored us, which made Jude pissed off. We were put into groups and I was in the Hobbits group...Jude was the humans and Kee was the Wizards. my first conversation with the juniors: Arvinesh, Clara, Amirah and Jefferey. Arvy was the noisy one, Jeff was the 2nd noisiest, Clara, the thin and sarcastic one...Amirah the quiet one. hahaha. I was choosen as Class Representative for almost all the subject. Math and English as main and Phy as assistant....hahaha.
I fell very stressed up for the 1st week cos my brain was like empty, and I couldn't answer the questions teachers was frustrating man~~