CNY!!!! Hooray

Sunday, January 29, 2012

1 week holiday is so not enough man.....went back at friday and already there's work waiting for me to do...but it was ok, since the rest was done by my 2 sisters. Reunion dinner was packed with humans!!! hahaha, normally we only like have 14-15...but this year, tuak and ah kim invited the Austria friends to join us....hahaha, so it was like double work to do^^ they liked the food year next day was considered as ok because Ipo CHeng's gang didn't came during lunck time hahaha....I don't really know what I did for the entire week man....time just seems to fly pass just like that. I didn't get to help mama with ther cookies this year and since my big sissy said that cookies makes her fat so she didn't made any.... BTW, I was suppose to read up and do my homework but I didn't~!!!!hahaah.....I'm so dead man