Reunion at Pn Wee's House!!

Friday, January 27, 2012

At last a reunion with my 5Sc1 friends!!! It's been a long time since I've met most of them. Ning woke up late that day and hence I had to wait.....Teing
er and Yun er was already in the car by the time she came to pick me....We decided to buy a cake for rong er since it was her B'day...from Italy and since I was sitting in front hence I had to hold it and hide it at the same time. We went to fetch Siew and rong and then headed to Heng Min;s house. Her house was easy to find but when we got there, Wenyun was already heading for the exit and heng min was driving out as well....hahaha, 4 cars, all waited at the side of the road for Wei Xin...we took pictures while waiting for her....It
looked really cool, 4 cars in 1 line...Ning took lead since she knows where Pn wee house was....when we reached, Mei Xuan and Miow was already there, Pn wee still looked the same....hahaha, we hide the cake in the fridge~~Pn Wee bought lots of nasi lemak, karipap, kuih koci, rempah udang for us...but we couldn't eat all!!! ahaha....we wanted to ask pn Wee to bring the cake out but she was on the phone and the candles was melting!!!....luckily, rong didn't noticed anything...surprise success!!! Ning had to leave after
the cutting cake we took many photos then....and later we just sat down and chit that time, yun was vy tired so she was quiet hahah....for the 1st time man....we wanted to go to Aeon, but heng min wasn't feeling well and there weren't many of us so we headed home except for me and siew....we went to HM's house and watch 2 movies before going back~~haha. and the owner was sleeping the whole time~~hahaha....A great reunion.....hope another one will be coming soon~~.....
Ps: going back on saturday night~~so sad and sienz of course.....but I have a long more way to go...SAM here I come....look beyond and not at the past