A torturing week

Saturday, January 21, 2012

1 one week of classes before the CNY holidays were terribly torturing for me....Time seems to pass so slowly. We had our first group ENL homework and it was to interview MS Tan on the hallmarks of a SAM graduate. I had to wake up at 8am for that interview. But hahaha, luckily, Arvy the talkative one did all the talking...We even had to wait for him to begin our writing. Honestly, I can't work in groups, my ideas just don't come out when I'm in a group....I can like splatter out 100 points alone and 10 in a group....so I was particularly quiet unless they like can't find a word for this and that. This week's Bio experiment was quite fun cos it wasn't any heavy experiments^^ oh ya, nana's friend, Janice came by my room at night and we talked for like an hour till nana came by again...hahaha....so sui at that time my comps hitch broke and it couldn't open very well....haiz~~Wenyi had to wait for me during friday as my classes only finish at 4pm whereas her's was at 10am^^