Dropping by?

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Next thursday, mum and dad may drop in my college because they are sending my big sis to the airport. Just when I thought of going back home next friday to bid farewell to my sis, she's already returning to Australia!!!! Well then...I've got no choice, "See u next November, sissy"...maybe just after my SACE exam is done!!!hehehe....Guess, I'm not going back next week either...the following week? maybe, but mostly not....cos I have to prepare for my Interactive discussion Trials...haiz~~so the next time I'll go back is 9th March...just for the PPS camp in school~~hahaha, since ning ning wants to go, I'll just accompany her, and well, see Pn Choo as well....haven't seen her in a long time. Longest period for not going back...6 weeks!!!! hahaha....I've got lots of work to do here anyway...there's like 3 lab reports every week, then maths, and English!!! Ishh~~I have 3 quizes next week, 2 of them are in the same day~~BIO and MATH....Even if I can go back...wenyi is not attending Monday's class, as she has a wedding in Singapore....so I don't think didi wants to send me up again....All my supplies are gonna finish!!!...hahaha, sent my list of "Important things" to mummes anyway...hope she will bring it up for me...or not I'm a dead pig~~hehehe
PS: Chem lab tomorrow~~oww man, I hate titration~~burette~~