A Nervous weekend??

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Well....nothing much happened during this week, just a summative lab for chem and the rest was normal. But for next week, it's the trials for the Interactive discussion!!!! Gettin nervous man...spent the whole 2 days of my weekend preparing for that thing!!!! Been trying to get in contact with jie, but she does go on9 nor answering my sms....frus man~~~Haiz....I've been looking forward for that 1 week holiday, but before that long waited holiday, I'll be havin, math test, bio test, phy test, chem test, and mid term moral test....and not to say the video and community service report, and we don't even have sufficient group members~~~!!!! OMG....right before all those things, I'm going back to school for our PPS junior camp....I'm so dead meat man~~however, I'm lookin forward to it, they say it's interesting and fun...well~~let's see...hahaha