Sisty Returning~~T^T

Sunday, February 19, 2012

This thursday, 16/2, my sisty returned back to Australia~~I manage to send her off to the airport as my dad came up to Nilai to pick me and send my supplies as well...hehehe^^ It seems that he didn't really liked his new car, Proton Exora...hahaha...or maybe he was in a bad mood that day, cos he had to wait for mum^^ But the car was really big, I wasn't really used to it...somehow I still preferred the old proton Saga....oh ya, cheong mei has gotten her License as well!!! hahaha, at last man~~now she can practice with the old car^^ Mama went to Singapore last week with Ee Khim and Mumpo and it seems that she will be there for 2 weeks...meaning returning next week~~Hope she enjoys her time there^^Sisty looked worried or something like lonely? Well cos all her friends have finish their courses and has returned!!! And her paulie is not there~~poor thing...hope she gets new friends there, Good Luck sissy^^ The airport has not changed at all...still the same...haiz, I always get the sad feeling when I go there....well....sissy see you again during November!!! when I finish my exams~~hehehe