What kind of Weekend is this???

Sunday, February 19, 2012

I mean really, what kind of weekend is this...isn't it suppose to be a little relaxing? but it seems as if I'm racing with time!!! Seriously, there is not enough time to do all my hmwork. It has been a very busy week. 3 quizes in 1 week and in the same day!!! and well, I messed up 2 of them, maths and physics, bio was still ok for me~~The first summative lab report has arrived!!! for bio, I messed up a little during the experiment, for the reading the measuring cylinder part~~hahaha....It took forever to write that report, the errors are so hard to identify!!!! I've got so much things figure out as well....firstly is MORAL!!!! I don't really know who is in our group as we mixed with 3 other boys, and the dateline for the community service report and video is coming up~~and there's this issue analysis's interactive discussion's TRIAL!!! I havens earch for information yet~~OMG, then there's the proposal thing, Ms Florence wants me to interview someone from SUHAKAM....I mean is it really necessary? Well maybe if I want to score an A+ then it is~~haiz~~busy....then I've got to buy these pocket files nad etc for the whole class~~I'm exhausted and I just started SAM!!! Tomorrow I have a summative Chem experiment~~another report, I just finished one and another arrives~~I'm just waiting for the March 1 week holiday to relax for a while and start with my Investigation work~~