What luck I have

Saturday, February 4, 2012

OMG< This was the most super duper horrible week for me. It seems that my hormone went kuku again and the tap water syndrome starts again, but worst still, I have labs for 3 sciences this week. The worst was PHY, so I didn't really put much attention during the 2 hour lesson. It was driving me crazy, it came for 1 day, and stopped the other and then came again. Sleepless nights I had. Even for the english tutorial group members I didn't really cared, and regretting now, since I've got the quiet members again!!! Should have asked Jude to join in, but he was already in Alyshua's group^^ Let's just hope my presentation and tutorial will go well. Wednesday at 10pm, nana called me out to have supper with her, janice and jude. We walked all the way to Al-Salam...hahaha, had a great laugh that night. It's still the best to hang out with friends you know....somehow, I don't feel right when I'm talking to people in my class, it just feels awkward~~For Chem Lab I had to pair up with Nadjiha cos kee was in 1A2, it was ok, although I was a little blur....I loved Bio Lab class, it seemed hard at first but later it gotten fun xDDD, as I said it's best to work with a friend you know well, we had the "mo qi"...hahaha, I paired up with Kee for bio and phy, but for physic, the summative experiments we have to change partners^^For thursday, after maths class, I had lunch with kee and her BF...hahaha, weird, he drove us to ohh lala. He kept asking me to spy on the girl who lives in the opposite of my room...hahaha.....Ms Florence should have sms us or me that friday's class was cancelled, Arvy called her 9 times!!! hahaha