one month later~~

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Been too busy to even update my own blog!!!! March has been a hectic week for me. From reports to quizes to tests~~but luckily...due to the release of the SPM results on 21st March, we get a week of holiday!!!! bt before that week, it a week of Stress!!!!! From Bio test at tues, Math on Wed and Chem on Fri!!!! Well, I kinda messed up math and a little on BIo.....but most of Chem....cos the day b4 I went to the Sound of Music!!!! hahahaha.....wenyi left half way through....she was going back to malacca~~T^T
For that whole week of holiday~~I practically done nothing....just the physic report, and the creative writing~~which I have to redo can I get at least an A???@_@...I been driving in malacca, did lots of reversing...and went out with (Rn, Siew, Rong, Teing, Kah Yan) to celebrate on B'day on 24th. We ate Satay celup as usual....SIEW drove there by herself!!!claps*....we wanted to go to the beach for chatting and etc...well, the 1 malaysia beach was far, jetty beach was packed and the eye of malaysia beach was blocked? and we got stuck in the JAM!!!! another ishh~~~