A Hectic week

Sunday, May 6, 2012

With only 3 days left till weekend...I have so many things going on!!!! Luckily, the presentation was moved back to next thursday, if not I'm dead meat~~BIO test was quite ok, bt I actually aimed for a higher score, at least 85 and above, Ms Tan marks so fast, thursday was the test and friday we can get it back aldy. Everybody hates the ZONKEY~~hahaha....bt physic assign was a mess, I didn't know what I was doing at all, well I practically didn't study at all man, so it was as expected. We didn't have enough time to complete physic, so Mr Yap gave us and extra 15 mins after ENL class. and guess what, ENL class was extended for an hour, and she didn't inform us before hand~~ishh~~anyway, with that extra 15 mins, I still didn't know how to do. phew, at last the weekend. Well this this saturday, I couldn't remember how was I brought into this plan, but me, sook  ping, Jude and Steve, went to Midvalley with Raj and GF with his car of course. We had to squeez~~~or rather Jude had to. The movie for this week is Avengers~~hahaha. I ate at Carls Junior for the first time. The fish burger was nice, crispy, and the chips were good~~Raj and rachel walked by themselves, leaving us 4 kids alone~~haha....Sook Ping was really erm...loud~~Jude always get embarrassed by that.....Me and sook ping watched avengers while that rest watched Battleship. Both of us had to sit separately. It was overall quite a nice movie. We had Kajang Satay for dinner!!! Honestly, malacca satay is much better~~it wasn't special...really. Reached my hostel at 12.30am~~exhausted...bt it was a good experience!! thanks raj~~