Home again

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

This week, i decided to go home, since I will be havin a long weekend because of labor day. I was suppose to sit kee's car to Seremban bus station and back to malacca. However, on the way back to my room, I saw Joyce with Shirinnah packing their bags into Joyce's car, I rejected at first, bt then I agreed at last, Rushed to my room and took my bags, locked my room and ran down. I wasn't even sure whether I packed everything. It was a new car, Toyota. She dropped me at the bus stop outside my house and I walked in. Home~~after one month......I brought lots of books back bt ended up studying none. I didn't even do my presentation and didn't went anywhere during that 4 days, only drove a few times, sending mum and bra to school or picking them up. Time passes so fast, it was time to leave again. Hui min followed me back to INTI....bio test this week, presentation, math quiz, physic mini quiz on momentum~~I'm super DEAD