No current in INTI~~

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Today, it was Currentless day in me, clara and sook ping decided to go to midvalley for the whole day and watch Dark Shadow by Johny Depp. Because it was a Mothers Day, so there weren't that many people taking the Airport Liner and the KTM. It was a smooth journey, I even get to sit on the KTM for the whole journey~~We reached at 9.45am and went to the cinema to buy the tickets first...but the counters weren't even operating yet. Clara and Sook Ping complained that they were hungry and sook ping wanted to eat xiao long we went to a place that I will nv go without didi or mummes....Dragon-I in the hotel of midvalley. But the food was good although in a small portion...the bill ended up with 98 dollars~~hahaha, we were aldy broke in the morning~~then sook ping's friend, Mike, joined us later. We walked here and there until it was finally 2pm.....the movie was not that good, i have to was weird~~I wasted 14 bucks for that man, my 3 days meal~~by then INTI's current came back~~bt they wanted to eat first. We went to tepenyaki, saw the menu and came out!!! so paiseh last we ended up in the foodcourt~~hahaha....the moment we steped into the KTM, Mike called and told sook ping that he was pick pocketed!! She shouted in the KTM, giving me and clara a shock. Hence, we had to come down at salak selatan and went to the polis station to report. Honestly, the polis there were so rude, especially the women officer!!! and headed back to Nilai again. It was really an experience~~and a tiring day as well~~