Exams are over

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A tiring week!!! exams, exams, exams~~and well, during the weekends, i didn't study, instead, I was playing and chating with Avy, Ck, XinYin they all xDD and then on the saturday, we celebrated Jeff B'day!!! we have lots of fun at C block's common room. Kee joined us too..it was stress relieving =DDD and later on monday and tuesday....I suffered. Monday was killing, i didn't noe how to do physic...and well on tuesday morning, i woke up on 8.20am while my Bio paper was at 8.30a. I ran to the toilet and ran to class man!!! i was just on time...hahaha, everyone looked at me, cos I normally one of the early ones. Phew, everything was done...And for the whole duration for all the papers, I was worrying bout the BBQ party for Jun kai, which in the end, was screwed because we booked late. At last we went for steamboat instead at seremban 2, introduced by Kee. Buffe style, one person RM20. So we gathered at AO and left with 5 cars!!! Zafirul, Raj, Jude, JunKai, and Jacinth!!! hahaha....a major eating session. I went to JunKai's car with XinYin and Kee....Kee knows the way^^ So we had a great laugh in JunKai's car...he and his Gina^^ Jude was the last to reach, cos he took the old road. The food was nice, I ate a lot. We gathered around and made a toast to JunKai who's leaving as he is going to Scotland on September, and Zaf, to which is leaving the course taking up AUP instead.....Yummmmmm Sengggggg xDDD later was of course photo session. Seems like only I brought the camera....i tot jeff will bring his^^ We were suppose to go for a movie, bt most of us didn't want to....so we left at about 11pm?? Oh ya, the big news for the week is~~~Jude and Aly are a pair now!!!! xDDD.....dad came to fetch me the next day, bt i had to go to cops to pass the pendrive to Kee 1st...hahaha.....holiday begins