Lorenzo Oil...Parents Teacher Day

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Phew....waited for 4 hours just for that Lorenzo Oil presentation and finally its done!!!....I asked to be the 1st group to do and my decision was proven to be CORRECT!!! Of course again shaking at the beginning but later on, it just went on smoothly...the Q and A part was wow, didn't knew I would talk like that...hahaha, well spontaneous right??^^ During discussion, there was one part that Kee was suppose to continue after Clara, bt she stop for quite a while, which made me nervous!!! I had to crap for a while, although not sure wat I am saying^^ Well overall, our group lost 1 mark to Jude's hahaha...Jude is a future Professor~~Bt it was all good...and its done!!!><....when i tot that I would not need to wear formal again....on the next day, Ms Parady called me and said that my t-shirt design got 1st prize!!! hahaaha....I was happy in the inside, bt I din't showed it so obvious~~hahaha....bt the thing was, my shoes are a gonner.....and guess wat, on that day as well, my block G was on fire!!! A room on the G floor....I was sleeping then and suddenly the bell rang and I woke up, opened the door and I smelled gas!!!! Everybody ran out of the block bt I was actually still inside~~hahahah....tak takut mati la aku^^......Parents Teacher day began at 4pm, Ms parady said my turn was around 4.15pm, but I waited till 5pm....Yi Ling and wei li was waiting for my prize giving ceremony bt they were tired and went home....I was so bored....hahaha...asked Ms Tan numerous times when is my turn....and when I dissappear she will ask where am I?? hahaha....after getting my prize (a set of INTI merchandise and RM100 popular voucher) I decided to wait till all was done for the free dinner.....so until 7.30pm only blh makan......tiring day....and my other eye is red!!!! OMG....feel like killing myself^^ Maths test haven study yet T^T