Last Lunch with Lecturers

Friday, November 9, 2012

T__T huhuhu...last lunch with lecturers aldy. I slept at 5am to write finish all the love letter to the lecturers!!!Today after Spec maths paper...we went to AO to check out!!! So sad~~bye bye roomie~~its somehow like our last day in INTI, as being in the academic block!!!...Ling, me, keat and jeff went to buy the food for the lunch....Domino and KFC!!! well, our budget was ok..RM16 per person ><...As usual...people were late...actually everybody was late...Ms Tan and Mr Yap pun lambat xDD....haiz...tot we could gather everyone, bt they had 3 hours straight of CC...Lecturers were asking for them, and well, I felt guilty, cuz I said I would make sure most of them will be there...since its call a gathering~~but...well...nvm...To me, it felt a little awkward eating with lecturers...but it will our last time seeing them!!! So I'll bear the awkwardness!! hahaha....the only humanity who came was Jacinth!!! Good girl~~the rest went for the Melaka trip straight away. Mr Yap didn't really ate~~bt nvm, vege pizza tasted good as well!! xDD...I think the gathering was too fast...just an hour only, Ms Tan had to leave for an of course ambil gambar more important than makan la. I was engrossed in taking photos with the lecturers that I forgot to help ling ling collect money~~so sad~~and she was so stressed up!!! "So sorry ya ling ling!!!" I'll help u take with them when we come back to take our certs!!! no worried =DD....Mr Ong didn't come...haiz, wasted my time for drawing^^Had to settle all the withdrawal forms and those back account numbers ~@@...settled everything and headed to AO to help keat keat with his Chem IE....which was so annoying cuz I couldn't go on9 in AO!!!....Today is the day that I ate 3 types of fast food, Domino, KFC and McD for dinner!!! because it rained...again~~felt so bad to Mr Yap, cuz he kept asking me to go for hiking...and said that I called everybody to go even Ms Tan....haiz...I think I wont have anymore hiking trips~~Oh, did i mention that Silyvia and Hui Xin came all the way from Bukit Jalil just for me?? hahaha...Will Miss them much after this!!... regretted being close friends with them in SEM 2 only~~well, I was shy in SEM 1 xDD
This is it...the end chapter of my Pre-U SAM life in INTI....the days spent with Awesome Lecturers which we will nv get in degree level....crazy friends which do silly things to make u feel embarrassed but yet not out of place....those moment dapao~ing with Kee xDD....Singing with the gang, keat, ling and xin yin....friends who literally loves to sing (Keat keat)...friends who like to touch your cap (Silvyia and hui xin)...friends who always become the laughing stock ( Avienesh)....friends who always scold you for your own good (Xin Yin)....friends who always give you the motivation to study (Nisha and Jasmin)....friends who likes to swim so much (Shirinnah)....friends who look scary when she's staring into space (Wei Li)....friends who behaves like a guy bt is actually vy pretty (Sook Ping)....friends who have addictive laughing skills (Jeffrey)....Lecturers who call you "eh budak!" (Ms Tan)....lecturers who always have funny faces (Mr Yap)...lecturers who always send you heartwarming text msgs (Ms Florence)....Lecturers who get nervous when its our test (Ms Saras)....Lecturers who make funny noises and silly faces (Mr Ong)...Lecturers who always bully you (Ms Wywa)...............these are the people that I have spent with throughout my Pre-U level.....and its time to close this chapter to begin a new friends, new obstacles...everything will start from zero again...good bye INTI, goodbye people, I only can give u all a goodbye heavily heartily, as I know that it would be very hard to meet again.
11 months, we are only friends for 11 months....till the next year of this very day, it will be 22 months and 33 months....uuurrrggghhh...this is just so heartbreaking!!! Y am I listening to Taylor swift songs makes it even more heartbreaking!!!! Tomorrow is our (me, keat, ling, xin yin, kee, frey and kirstie) last outing to KL's Jogoya....then its really goodbye....Now I dun feel like going home!!!...I want to stay here and attend for classes as usual~~I'm havin withdrawal symptoms...why didn't I appreciate the moments I had before...and now I'm regretting~~which has no use at all....aarrrggghhh, this is so annoying.....