6 Months Later....

Friday, December 28, 2012

Well, 6 months later, I finally had my gathering again....It was good to meet them again, being crazy all again...haiz...those schooling days, I sure missed them. I love the feeling when the bell rings and chao we go, pack our things and well some go home...but for me, most of the time I would be in the library doing my duties..Process Books, the most heavy yet interesting job of all time. Nilam was tiring, we had to go class to class and collect from them...Bendahari, well, I get to count money all the time, coins especially. One month about 90 ringgit? yup, not bad huh? that's why we AJKs get to have free farewell trips to Sunway or genting...2 years have passed since then....still missing it by the minute. Anyway, in 1 week, we had 2 gatherings, one was just meet up and hey, lets catch a movie and the other was a bday celebration.