Feeling Messed Up Again

Monday, January 21, 2013

Recently, lately, I feel terrible. Especially when my mum asks me, "What are you doing? all your friends are applying"...I guess she getting worried, because its not me alone going to study, my big sis is also having another crisis...how is she going to continue? can she transfer her credits? And my second sis who is still unwilling to go and find a job. So I can practically say that we are the 3 useless daughter at home. This, this makes me frustrated at times, particularly at night, midnight. I try my best to make myself useful by helping grandma with the chores and help her bake cakes, but I guess its just not enough. I just..you know...just go and study, finish it up, get a job, and just live through it. I want to discuss it with my mum, but she's super busy everyday. She asks me to discuss it with my sister, but then again, my sis is not giving me any good advice.