CNY done with

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Well, a month later updating my blog...and CNY is finally over, or practically school has start. So before this, I've been busy at home everyday, cleaning the house, baking cookies, taking this and that, helping this and turned out that the only type of kuih that I've been doing is the pisang tanduk kerepek...god knows how many kg have I parut and fried...and people have been eating them T_T. The new cookies that me and my big sis tried out was the "Doggie Milo Cookie" or whatever it is called. We found it on the internet and made it. It was really cute although the working part or deco part was really tiring...So what's special about this CNY...just that I felt satisfied helping my grandma with the work, or not she will nag  the whole day, and nothing really else. CNY in my family has always been the same, I mean eat on the eve (reunion dinner) and have a open house on the first day, eat at gong gong house for the second and have dinner at a restaurant on the third. The only thing is that didi has been oddly good, as in good mood this year. He went for the the lunch and dinner...but of course he must be in a drunk or a little drunk mood....then he will joke and share his experience with you ^^ Mum had a retina tore thus is not able to see very clear with her right eye. Tuak came back...oh ya, Shaun was back. So he erm grown taller, a little taller than us, Bra was furious xD...and he learnt the Guitar...Awesome!! xD...I want to learn too...grown darker with more deeper voice, and the rest is the same. Annoying at times, always complaining bored but refuses to go out his parents maybe because there isn't any Wifi out there. Oh ya and they went to Pulau Tioman on the 4th day...This year I couldn't make it to Pn Wee's house because it was on the 2nd day of new year which is gong gong house for me, but I did went for wenyun's farewell gathering....She's flying off to NZ for medic^^ and Since it was Ryan's bday. Aunty Wee asked me, big sis and mama to his dinner....awesome food btw^^Well, CNY report over, now the degree part....which I still have no idea what to take. My mum is gonna chase us out of the house, when I say us means 3 of us sisters...2 "degree~less" and 1 "job~less"....Urrrgghh, when I thought this wouldn't happen to us...reading people studying here and there, flying here and there...makes me just jealous and nervous...I just don't know what to do anymore, I'm at a dead end...doomsday....